REACH mandatory GHS compliance


D DAY for Exporters to Europe + many other Countries around the world was 1 June 2015, when all SDS & labels must comply – are you prepared? The GHS is coming fast both locally and globally, as a new regulatory means of communicating hazards to protect people in Industry and the Consumer. The GHS falls under a number of regulations - the Dept. of Environmental Affairs, Waste Classification Regulations, Gazetted in August 2013 for immediate implementation, requires GHS classification of waste, with GHS compliant Safety Data Sheets - so time to get started!

RPMASA offer training courses that demystify the confusion surrounding implementation of the GHS both in South Africa and Internationally. It is recommended to give a solid understanding to representatives from Industry and government, particularly Management, Supervisors from Operations – factory and logistics who have OHS Act responsibilities for their people, Technical, SHEQ, RISK, Marketing, HR & Communications.

Training is facilitated by Liz Anderson, who represents RPMASA on the UN Committee of Experts for the Transport of dangerous goods and the GHS, and the UNITAR (United Nations Industrial Training & Research), Programme Advisory Group The course using Liz’s introduction with an overview + the local & global regulatory scene together with UNITAR training material answers key questions:
  • What is its purpose?
  • Is it best practice or a legal requirement?
  • Who, and What sectors does it impact on?
  • Is it for industry and/or retail?
  • What impact does it have on transport placards & labeling?
  • How does it differ from transport classification & how do I start GHS classification?
  • SA and SADC position.

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